Friday, June 23, 2006

Tutup Toko Dulu

Blog ini sudah tidak dipakai, karena gw mo bikin blog baru berwarna laen.
Berhubung yang disini segala fasilitas untuk utak-atik warna dan tampilan hilang, termasuk fasilitas utak-atik nama dan fasilitas delete blog, maka gak ada yang bisa dilakukan kecuali men-delete semua isinya.
Capek juga nge-deletenya.....
Hanya tinggal satu posting yang nggak bisa di-delete, ya posting di bawah ini, hehehe..... kiriman mantan pacar yang sekarang udah resmi jadi bojo :D
Owkeyyy.... bye dulu yak.....

Alamat baru:

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Everyday I look forward to speaking with you, but at the same time I don't look forward to hanging up on you. I cannot stand the thought of not being able to listen to your voice.

Everyday that I hang up on you, it feels like as if I am walking away from you in anger. I know that I am not, but no matter how much reassurance you give me, I still feel sad. It makes me sad because most of the time I have to wait for another day to do this all over again. When it is possible, I call you at random to say “hi,” which brightens my day as much as it brightens yours. On rare occasions when I really miss you, I allow myself to call you, just to hear your voice regardless of the costs.

Everyday I look forward to talking with you because I love to hear your smile, your laughter, your thoughts, your wishes, your ambitions, and just simply about your life. You bring so much life and light into my life, that I cannot imagine how my life would be without you.

Everyday I look forward to hearing you tell me “I’m fine." When possible we have great moments. Through those small and rare moments, I have come to respect, admire and love you so much.

Everyday, I cannot wait till the day we spend our days together, so we no longer have to settle for quick conversations. Perhaps at that time, we can communicate to each other our simple and complex thoughts by just gazing into each others eyes.

Everyday as a child would with candy, I get excited when I get to call you just to say hi and remind you that I love you. To this day it amazes and surprises me that I have come to love you so much, through small and frequent moments that we have had over the last year. I hope and wish to have more of those moments with you, but next to each other, everyday.